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Every picture has its own story.

It’s 2,500 miles from California to Georgia. When I was 14, my mom, sister and I made that drive with my Grandpa who was unable to fly. I wasn’t that excited about driving all the way to Georgia, and back, and I really couldn’t tell you much about the trip. Those memories have long since faded. However, I had my camera, so there is one special memory from that trip that will last forever. William David Smith Grandpa

I was sitting in the front seat with my mom driving, and my sister and grandfather were in the back. As teenage girls usually do, we had lots of bubble gum. For miles and miles we tried to teach my Grandpa how to blow a bubble. With lots of giggling and laughter, we had finally done it! And, with photographic evidence, no less! (The bubble gum was pink :)

Framed, this picture hangs on my mom’s wall today; bubble and all! It is one of the few pictures she has of her father.

Every picture taken has its own story, it’s own personality, it’s own perspective. From the moment I picked up a camera, I was drawn to creating those ‘stories in pictures’. Looking forward to the present, this was the perfect precursor to my career today as a wedding photographer. After all, what day is more special than your wedding to tell a story?

As I did all those years ago, I am excited to create unique, beautiful ‘stories in pictures’ with you. These images will trigger your memories, recalling your stories, and act as a photographic window back to your special moments for years to come.

Embrace your love for one another; the moments you have now, and remember your stories tomorrow.



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