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Wedding Photography Styles

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak." - Rachel Zoe

Each style below has its charm and can be chosen based on your personal preferences and the overall theme of your wedding. Some photographers specialize in one style, while others can blend multiple styles to create a unique mix tailored to your desires. We tend to fall mainly in the documentary wedding photography category, but in reality, our style is all-encompassing, as each wedding has elements of many styles throughout the day.

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Traditional Wedding Photography

Traditional wedding photography, often called classical or posed, is a time-honored style that has graced countless wedding albums over the decades. It embodies elegance, capturing every significant moment and person with precision and grace.

"Traditions touch us, they connect us, and they expand us." -Rita Wilson

Estate at Yountville Traditional Wedding Photography


  • Timeless Elegance: Rooted in the conventions of the past, this style ensures that your wedding photos will never go out of fashion. Every shot is meticulously planned to exude a timeless charm cherished for generations.
  • Posed Perfection: Every photograph is a masterpiece of composition. The photographer guides posture, gaze, and positioning, showcasing each subject in the most flattering light.
  • Milestone Moments: From the nervous anticipation before the ceremony to the joyous celebration at the reception, every pivotal moment is captured with clarity and emotion. A pre-discussed checklist ensures no significant moment goes unnoticed.
  • Portrait Excellence: Beyond the candid moments, special attention is given to formal portraits. These photos often find pride of place on mantelpieces, capturing the essence of the couple's bond and the joy of their families.
  • Consistent Craftsmanship: With a keen eye for detail, traditional wedding photographers ensure uniformity across all photos. Whether it's the soft glow of the lighting or the classic compositions, a harmonious thread ties the entire collection together.
  • Optimal Environments: Photographers ensure every shot is perfectly illuminated, regardless of the venue's natural lighting conditions, by utilizing professional equipment, from external lights to reflectors.


  • Comprehensive Coverage: Couples can be assured that all significant moments and family members will be captured, leaving no room for regrets about missed shots.
  • Timeless Appeal: The photos produced in this style stand the test of time. They're classic and won't feel outdated even after decades.
  • Structured Approach: A clear plan in place can be reassuring for couples who want to ensure that everything goes smoothly on their big day.


  • Less Candid: Since the focus is on posed shots, fewer candid moments might be captured compared to other styles.

  • Time-Consuming: Setting up formal portraits and ensuring perfect poses can take time, which might extend the photography session.

Why Choose Traditional Wedding Photography? Traditional wedding photography offers a tried-and-true approach to documenting a wedding. While it may lack the spontaneity of some contemporary styles, it guarantees a comprehensive and timeless record of the special day.

It is ideal for couples who prefer a classic and timeless look for their wedding photos and want to ensure that all key moments and family members are captured in a structured manner. It's more than just photography; it's a legacy of love, captured frame by frame, ensuring that your special day remains etched in memory forever.

Documentary Wedding Photography

Documentary wedding photography, often called photojournalistic or reportage style, is about candidly capturing the day as it unfolds. The photographer acts as an observer, documenting the real emotions, reactions, and moments without directing or intervening. The result is a genuine narrative of the wedding day.

"Documentary photography will educate your heart and your mind." - Sebastião Salgado

Documentary Wedding Photographers Carmel


  • Candid Moments: The focus is on capturing spontaneous moments rather than posed shots. Genuine laughter, tears, and interactions are the highlights.
  • Unobtrusive Approach: The photographer blends into the background, allowing events to unfold naturally without interference.
  • Storytelling: The images collectively tell the story of the day, from the nervous anticipation before the ceremony to the joyous celebrations at the reception.
  • Natural Lighting: Documentary photographers often prefer to use natural light, which adds to the authenticity and mood of the images.


  • Authenticity: The images reflect the genuine emotions and events of the day, making them deeply personal and relatable.
  • Relaxed Experience: Couples don't need to worry about posing or being camera-aware, allowing them to fully immerse in their day.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: This style ensures that even the smallest moments and interactions, which might be overlooked in more directed shoots, are captured.


  • Lack of Control: Since moments are captured as they happen, there's less control over lighting and background.
  • Varied Results: The outcome depends on the day's events, so there might be fewer traditional posed shots.

It is ideal for Couples who want a genuine reflection of their wedding day without the pressure of constant posing. Those who value raw emotions and candid moments will appreciate this unscripted approach.

Documentary wedding photography offers a genuine and unfiltered glimpse into the wedding day, capturing the essence and emotions in their purest form. It's a style prioritizing authenticity, ensuring memories are preserved just as experienced.

"Documentary photography is about finding out what can happen in the frame. When you put four edges around some facts, you change those facts." - Garry Winogrand

Destination Wedding Photography

Destination wedding photography captures weddings in unique, often exotic, or picturesque locations away from the couple's hometown. These weddings occur among breathtaking backdrops, be it a tropical beach, a historic European city, a serene countryside, or a majestic mountain range. Most destination weddings provide luxury experiences in breathtaking locations, which plays a significant role in the aesthetics and mood of the photographs.

In the end, it's not about the destination, but the journey, the love, and the memories we create along the way.

Destination Wedding Photographers England


  • Scenic Backdrops: One of the hallmarks of destination wedding photography is the incorporation of stunning landscapes and local landmarks into the photos.
  • Cultural Elements: Many couples choose destination weddings to embrace the local culture. Photographs might include local traditions, attire, or ceremonies.
  • Storytelling: The journey of the couple and their guests to the destination often becomes an integral part of the wedding story, captured from arrival to departure.


  • Unique and Personal: As destination weddings are in unique and exotic locations, they tend to have a smaller guest list and are more intimate and personal than larger affairs, allowing for more candid moments and personalized photo sessions.
  • Extended Celebrations: Unlike traditional one-day events, destination weddings often span several days, offering multiple photo shoot opportunities.
  • Combining Wedding and Honeymoon: Couples can transition seamlessly from their wedding to their honeymoon, offering even more photographic opportunities.


  • Logistics: Planning a destination wedding photo shoot requires careful consideration of travel logistics, equipment transportation, and local regulations.
  • Weather: Some destinations might have unpredictable weather, impacting the photography schedule.
  • Local Expertise: It can be beneficial to hire a local photographer or a photographer familiar with the destination to navigate local customs and find the best photo spots.

Destination Wedding Photographers Big Sur

It is ideal for couples looking for a luxury and unique wedding experience set against a backdrop that holds personal significance or offers unparalleled beauty. Those who wish to combine their love for travel and adventure with their wedding celebrations.

Destination wedding photography captures the essence of love and adventure. It's about intertwining the beauty of two people in love with the beauty of the world around them, creating memories that are as unique as the destinations themselves.

"Love is the journey and the destination." - Anonymous

Adventure and Elopement Wedding Photography

Adventure and Elopement wedding photography captures intimate, raw, and authentic moments against breathtaking landscapes. This style is for free-spirited couples who exchange vows atop mountains, beside waterfalls, or in any other remote and scenic location. It's about documenting the journey, the adventure, and the deep connection between two souls in the vastness of nature.

In the vastness of nature, two souls find their truest adventure: a journey of love.

Dramatic Wedding Photographers Timber Cove Napa Sonoma


  • Natural Backdrops: The hallmark of this style is the incorporation of stunning natural landscapes, from rugged mountains and serene lakes to dense forests and expansive deserts.
  • Intimate Moments: With typically fewer guests or none, this style captures the raw and intimate moments between the couple, making the photos profoundly personal and emotional.
  • Candid Emotions: Photographers can focus on capturing candid moments filled with genuine emotions and reactions without the usual hustle and bustle of traditional weddings.
  • Dynamic Compositions: The vastness of nature allows for vibrant and varied compositions, from wide-angle shots that capture the grandeur of the landscape to close-ups that focus on the couple's emotions.
  • Natural Lighting: Adventure and elopement photography often relies on natural lighting, capturing the golden hues of sunrise or the soft glow of sunset to add a magical touch to the photos.
  • Journey Documentation: It's not just about the ceremony but the journey. Photographers document the trek, the setup, and all the little adventures along the way.


  • Unique Locations: The opportunity to exchange vows in breathtaking and individual settings.
  • Intimate Experience: Focuses on the couple, making the experience deeply personal and intimate.
  • Memorable Adventure: Turns the wedding into an extraordinary adventure, capturing the ceremony and the entire journey.


  • Accessibility: Remote locations might be challenging and require special preparations.
  • Weather Dependency: Outdoor settings are dependent on weather conditions, which can be unpredictable.
  • Limited Guests: Due to the nature of the locations, it might be challenging to accommodate many guests.

Adventure Wedding Photographers Bodega Bay Napa Sonoma

Why Choose Adventure and Elopement Wedding Photography? This style is perfect for couples who value experiences over grand ceremonies, seek intimacy over extravagance, and love nature deeply. It's about celebrating love in its purest form, surrounded by the beauty of the natural world, away from the constraints of tradition.

It is ideal for couples who are adventurous at heart and want their wedding to be a reflection of their wanderlust spirit. Those who dream of saying "I do" in a unique and meaningful setting, with the world as their witness, will find this style resonates deeply with them. It's more than just photography; it's about capturing the essence of an adventure shared, a commitment made, and a love celebrated in the heart of nature.

Editorial Wedding Photography

The polished look of fashion magazines and editorial spreads inspires editorial wedding photography. This style goes beyond capturing candid moments, instead focusing on creating posed, curated, and highly stylized images. The aim is to make the couple look like they've stepped out of a glossy magazine, with every detail meticulously planned and executed.

In editorial wedding photography, every shot tells a story, every pose is deliberate, and every moment is curated.

Editorial Wedding Photographer Napa Sonoma


  • Posed Perfection: Unlike candid styles, editorial photography involves directing the couple and bridal party into specific poses, ensuring that every angle is flattering and the composition is impeccable.
  • High Fashion Influence: The poses, expressions, and settings often draw inspiration from fashion shoots, emphasizing elegance, drama, and sophistication.
  • Attention to Detail: Every element, from the lighting to the backdrop to the couple's attire, is carefully selected and adjusted to create a cohesive and polished image.
  • Dramatic Lighting: Editorial photographers often use advanced lighting techniques to sculpt the subjects and highlight key features, adding depth and dimension to the photos.


  • Magazine-Quality Images: The result is a set of photos that wouldn't look out of place in a high-end fashion or bridal magazine.
  • Showcases Attire and Accessories: This style is perfect for couples who have invested in designer outfits or unique accessories, as it ensures these elements are showcased to their fullest.
  • Artistic Expression: Photographers can experiment and push creative boundaries, creating unique and artistic images.


  • Time-Consuming: Creating the perfect shot can take time, which might not be ideal for couples who want to maximize their time with guests.
  • Less Spontaneity: While the results are stunning, this style might not capture the spontaneous and candid moments that some couples cherish.

It is ideal for couples who adore the glamorous look of fashion magazines and want their wedding photos to have a similar high-end, curated feel. It's especially suited for those who appreciate artistry in photography and are willing to invest time in achieving the perfect shot.

Editorial wedding photography transforms wedding moments into fashion-forward, magazine-worthy images. It's a blend of art and precision, ensuring that couples look their absolute best and that their wedding photos have a touch of haute couture elegance.

Hybrid Wedding Photography

Hybrid wedding photography seamlessly blends the classic allure of analog film with the modern versatility of digital photography. By utilizing both mediums, photographers can offer couples the best of both worlds, capturing the depth and tonality of film alongside the convenience and precision of digital.

"The best way to deal with stereotypes is to challenge and break them with your work." - Ami Vitale

Photojournalism Documentary Wedding Photography Sonoma


  • Dual Mediums: Hybrid photographers are skilled in film and digital techniques, allowing them to switch between the two depending on the situation and desired outcome.
  • Film Aesthetics: Shots taken on film often have a distinct, timeless quality characterized by soft colors, grainy textures, and a certain depth that's hard to replicate digitally.
  • Digital Precision: Digital shots offer the advantage of immediate feedback, allowing photographers to adjust and ensure they've captured the perfect moment. They also allow for more flexibility in low-light conditions.
  • Versatility: The combination of film and digital allows photographers to tackle a broader range of lighting conditions, scenarios, and creative ideas.
  • Post-Processing Blend: Hybrid photographers can merge film aesthetics into digital shots during post-processing, ensuring a consistent look across the entire collection.
  • Tangible Memories: With film, couples often receive physical negatives, offering an actual memory of their special day that can be archived and cherished.


  • Versatility: Combines the best of both worlds, offering the flexibility of digital and film aesthetics.
  • Backup: Digital acts as a backup, ensuring no moment is missed.
  • Creative Options: Allows for a broader range of creative possibilities in shooting and post-processing.


  • Cost: Incorporating film can increase prices due to film and development expenses.
  • Complexity: Managing two systems can be more complex and challenging.
  • Consistency: Achieving a consistent look between film and digital shots might require extra post-processing.

Hybrid Film Digital Wedding Photographer Sonoma Napa

Why Choose Hybrid Wedding Photography? Hybrid photography offers the nostalgic charm of film photography while ensuring none of the modern advantages of digital are lost. It's a comprehensive approach that caters to couples looking for a vintage touch and modern precision.

It is ideal for couples who appreciate the unique qualities of film but also want the reliability and flexibility of digital. With hybrid photography, you're not choosing between the past and the present; you're getting the best of both.

Fine Art Wedding Photography

Fine Art wedding photography is characterized by its artistic approach, where every shot is envisioned as a piece of art. The photographer uses creative compositions, lighting, and post-processing techniques to produce images that transcend traditional wedding photos, often creating ethereal and dreamlike visuals.

Fine art photography is the vision of the artist materialized through the lens.

Fine Art Hybrid Film Wedding Photographers Sonoma Napa


  • Artistic Vision: The photographer approaches each shot with an artistic intent, aiming to create images that could stand alone in an art gallery.
  • Creative Compositions: Unique angles, selective focus, and innovative framing craft visually striking images.
  • Mood and Atmosphere: There's a strong emphasis on evoking emotion, often achieved through soft lighting, muted colors, and thoughtful post-processing.
  • Attention to Detail: Fine art photographers often focus on capturing intricate details, from the delicate lace of a wedding dress to the intricate designs of wedding decor.


  • Unique Imagery: The resulting photos are often distinct and memorable, standing out from conventional wedding shots.
  • Timeless Appeal: The artistic nature of the images ensures they remain timeless and can be appreciated for generations.
  • Personal Touch: Photographers often infuse their style and vision into the images, making each wedding shoot unique.


  • Pace: Crafting such artistic shots can sometimes take more time, requiring patience from the couple and potentially reducing the number of overall images captured.
  • Stylization: The artistic interpretation might not resonate with everyone; some might prefer a more literal representation of their day.

SF Best Wedding Photographer in San Francisco

Ideal for couples who appreciate art and want their wedding photos to have an artistic flair. Those looking for images that go beyond mere documentation and capture the essence of the day in a stylized manner are drawn to this style.

In essence, Fine Art wedding photography transforms the moments of a wedding day into artistic renditions, producing evocative and visually stunning images. It's a style that prioritizes the beauty and emotion of the day, resulting in a collection of images that are as unique as they are beautiful.

Natural/Lifestyle Wedding Photography

Natural or lifestyle wedding photography is about capturing spontaneous, candid moments in a relaxed and unobtrusive manner. This style aims to portray the genuine emotions, reactions, and interactions of the couple and their guests, often set against natural settings or everyday environments. The essence of this style is to document the day as it unfolds, capturing the real and raw emotions.

"Taking pictures is like tiptoeing into the kitchen late at night and stealing Oreo cookies." - Diane Arbus

Lifestyle Wedding Photographer Sonoma Napa


  • Candid Moments: This style prioritizes spontaneous shots over posed ones, capturing genuine laughter, tears, and other emotions.
  • Minimal Direction: Photographers typically provide little direction, allowing events to unfold naturally.
  • Natural Lighting: Emphasis is often on using natural light to its fullest, which adds to the authenticity and warmth of the photos.
  • Relaxed Atmosphere: The aim is to make subjects feel at ease, ensuring that the photographs reflect genuine emotions and interactions.


  • Authenticity: Photos captured in this style are genuine and reflect the true essence of the wedding day.
  • Unobtrusive: Without constant direction, couples and guests can enjoy the day without frequent interruptions for posed shots.
  • Timeless: Candid moments and natural settings result in timeless photos that don't follow fleeting trends.


  • Unpredictability: Since the focus is on candid moments, there's no set list of shots, which might mean missing out on some traditional poses.
  • Lighting Challenges: Relying heavily on natural light can pose challenges if the weather cooperates.

It is ideal for couples who desire a more relaxed approach to their wedding day and want their photos to reflect their celebration's genuine emotions and atmosphere. Those who value authenticity wish for their photographs to represent their day truly without the constraints of traditional poses.

Natural/lifestyle wedding photography is about capturing the heart and soul of the wedding day. It reflects real moments, genuine emotions, and the unscripted beauty of two people celebrating their love surrounded by family and friends.

Rustic Wedding Photography

Rustic wedding photography captures the essence of weddings that embrace the charm of the countryside, vintage elements, and natural settings. This style is synonymous with barns, woodlands, and open fields, often highlighting DIY elements, mason jars, lace, and burlap. The rustic style evokes a sense of simplicity, warmth, and authenticity, making it a favorite among couples who want a laid-back and intimate wedding atmosphere.

The beauty of a dramatic shot lies in its ability to make time stand still, capturing the essence of love in its most intense form.

Rustic Wedding Photography Sonoma County


  • Natural Settings: Rustic weddings often occur in barns, farms, vineyards, or open fields, and the photography captures these scenic backdrops.
  • Vintage Elements: Antiques, wooden signs, and heirloom pieces are often prominently in rustic wedding photos.
  • DIY Touches: Handmade decorations, centerpieces, and other DIY elements are highlighted, showcasing the personal touch of the couple.
  • Warm Tones: The color palette of rustic photos often leans towards warm and earthy tones, enhancing the natural and cozy vibe.


  • Intimate Atmosphere: Rustic weddings often have a more intimate and personal feel, reflected in the photography.
  • Unique Details: The emphasis on handmade and vintage elements ensures that no two rustic weddings (or their photos) are identical.
  • Timeless Appeal: The simplicity and authenticity of rustic weddings give the photos a timeless quality that doesn't go out of style.
  • Considerations:
  • Weather Dependency: Given the outdoor nature of many rustic weddings, weather can play a significant role in the photography. Rain or extreme conditions might require backup plans.
  • Lighting Challenges: Barns and other rustic venues might have limited natural light, requiring photographers to be adept at using artificial lighting without losing the natural feel.

Rustic Wedding Photographer Sonoma County

It is ideal for couples drawn to the charm of the countryside, value simplicity, and want their wedding to have a personal and intimate touch. Those who love incorporating vintage and DIY elements into their celebration will also gravitate towards this style.

Rustic wedding photography celebrates love set against the backdrop of nature and nostalgia. It captures the heartwarming details, intimate moments, and the raw beauty of natural settings, making it a cherished choice for many couples.

Photojournalism Wedding Photography

Photojournalism wedding photography, often called "documentary wedding photography," is a candid, storytelling approach to capturing a wedding. True photojournalism does not interact with the client or environment, only documenting what is occurring. Photojournalism focuses on capturing the day as it unfolds, prioritizing genuine moments over posed shots, and draws inspiration from journalism.

The goal of a photojournalist is to capture the moments that tell the story – raw, unrehearsed, and genuine.

Photojournalism Documentary Wedding Photographer Sonoma


  • Unscripted Moments: Photojournalism documents events as they happen, resulting in genuine, candid shots that capture the day's raw emotions and spontaneous reactions.
  • Narrative Flow: The aim is to tell the wedding day's story, often from start to finish, capturing a sequence of events that together paint a complete picture of the celebration.
  • Discreet Approach: Photojournalistic photographers often operate in the background, blending in with the guests to capture moments without influencing or interrupting them.
  • Reactive Composition: Rather than directing the scene, photographers react to moments, quickly adjusting their composition, focus, and settings to capture events as they unfold.
  • Authentic Emotion: This style excels in capturing genuine laughter, tears, surprise, and other emotions, offering a true reflection of the day's atmosphere.
  • Contextual Shots: Beyond the main events, photojournalistic photographers also capture the setting, decor, and other contextual elements that set the scene for the day.


  • Authentic Moments: Captures the day as it unfolds, resulting in genuine and candid shots.
  • Storytelling Approach: Documents the wedding in a narrative style, telling the story of the day.
  • Less Intrusive: The photographer observes, allowing events to happen naturally.


  • Less Control: There's less posing and direction, which might appeal to some.
  • Unpredictability: Some key moments might be missed if they happen unexpectedly.
  • Varied Results: The outcome can vary based on the day's events.

Photojournalism Documentary Wedding Photographer Napa

Why Choose Photojournalism Wedding Photography? Photojournalism offers a genuine and unfiltered portrayal of the wedding day. It's perfect for couples who want their photos to reflect the true essence of their celebration without the influence of a directing photographer.

It is ideal for couples who value authenticity and wish to see the genuine emotions and candid moments of their wedding day captured. With photojournalism, every image is a snapshot of a real moment, preserving memories in their most authentic form.

Dramatic Wedding Photography

Dramatic wedding photography is a style that emphasizes the intense, powerful, and dynamic moments of a wedding day. It's about capturing the depth of emotions, the venue's ambiance, and the couple's passion, all with a cinematic flair. This style often uses strong contrasts, creative lighting techniques, and bold compositions to create lasting images.

Dramatic wedding photography isn't just about the light or the angle; it's about capturing the depth of emotions.

Dramatic Dark Moody Wedding Photographers Sonoma Napa


  • Bold Lighting: One of the hallmarks of dramatic wedding photography is the use of off-camera flashes, backlighting, and other advanced lighting techniques to create depth and dimension in photos.
  • High Contrast: Dramatic photos often feature deep shadows and bright highlights, adding depth and intensity to each shot.
  • Emotive Moments: This style aims to capture the raw and powerful emotions of the day, from the nervous anticipation before the ceremony to the joyous celebrations at the reception.
  • Cinematic Compositions: Dramatic wedding photographers often draw inspiration from movies, using angles, framing, and compositions that feel straight out of a film.
  • Striking Portraits: Beyond candid moments, special attention is given to creating breathtaking portraits of the couple, often set against dramatic backdrops or in dramatic poses.
  • Artistic Post-Processing: Editing plays a crucial role in this style, with photographers often enhancing colors, shadows, and highlights to add to the drama of the image.


  • Striking Imagery: Dramatic lighting and compositions result in bold and memorable photos.
  • Emotional Depth: The dramatic approach can capture the depth of emotions, making the images resonate with viewers.
  • Artistic Flair: Offers a unique and artistic take on wedding photography, setting the images apart from traditional styles.
  • Versatility: Can be combined with other styles to offer a mix of candid and dramatic shots.
  • Adaptability: Dramatic effects can be achieved in various settings, indoors with controlled lighting or outdoors during dramatic weather.


  • Requires Skill: Achieving the desired dramatic effect requires a skilled photographer familiar with advanced lighting techniques.
  • More Setup Time: Setting up for dramatic shots, especially with external lighting, can take more time.
  • Stylized Look: The dramatic approach produces a more stylized look, which might not appeal to everyone.
  • Less Spontaneity: While the results are striking, this style might involve more posing and direction, which could feel less spontaneous for some couples.
  • Dependent on Conditions: If aiming for natural dramatic effects, such as during a sunset, timing and conditions must be just right.

Why Choose Dramatic Wedding Photography? Dramatic wedding photography is for couples who want their photos to stand out and make a statement. It's a style that captures the essence of the day boldly and unforgettably, ensuring that every emotion, every tear, and every laugh is immortalized with intensity and passion.

It is ideal for couples looking for something different from traditional wedding photos. Those who want their images to evoke strong emotions and tell a powerful story of their special day will be drawn to this style. It's not just about documenting the day; it's about turning every moment into a piece of art filled with drama and passion.

Analog Film Photography

Analog film photography, often referred to simply as "film photography," is a vintage-inspired style that harks back to the origins of photography. It's characterized by the unique textures, grain, and color tones that only film can produce, offering a nostalgic and often romantic feel to the images.

"The truth is the best picture, the best propaganda." -Robert Capa

Hybrid Film Wedding Photographers Sonoma Napa


  • Authentic Aesthetics: The inherent qualities of film, such as grain, color shifts, and dynamic range, give each photo a distinctive and organic look that's hard to replicate with digital means.
  • Tactile Experience: Shooting with film is hands-on, from loading the film to manually adjusting settings. This tactile nature often translates into images that feel more personal and intimate.
  • Anticipation and Surprise: Unlike digital photography, where images can be instantly reviewed, film photographers and their subjects experience the thrill of anticipation, waiting to see the developed results.
  • Natural Moments: Given the finite number of frames in a film roll, each shot is taken with deliberation and care, often capturing genuine, unposed moments.
  • Depth and Texture: Film has a unique way of rendering light, shadow, and color, resulting in images with depth and a rich texture that's especially noticeable in prints.
  • Artistic Flair: Many film photographers experiment with different film types, development processes, and even intentional "mistakes" like light leaks or double exposures to create creative effects.


  • Timeless Quality: Film has a unique texture and color palette that gives photos a timeless and classic feel.
  • Natural Colors: Film captures colors softly and naturally, often resulting in warm and dreamy images.
  • Artistic Flair: The unpredictability of film can lead to unexpected and creative results.
  • Tangible Medium: There's something special about having physical negatives as a keepsake.


  • Limited Shots: Film rolls have a limited number of shots, requiring photographers to be more selective.
  • Development Time: Film needs to be developed, which can extend the waiting time for photos.
  • Cost: Shooting on film can be more expensive due to the cost of film rolls and development.

Why Choose Analog Film Photography? Analog film photography is for those who appreciate the artistry and unpredictability of film. It offers a break from the pixel-perfect precision of digital photography and embraces the imperfections that make each shot unique.

It is ideal for couples who want their wedding photos to have a vintage, timeless feel and are willing to embrace the unexpected. With analog film photography, every frame tells a story, and each image is a testament to moments captured in their purest, most authentic form.

Black and White Wedding Photography

Black and white wedding photography is a timeless approach that emphasizes emotion, texture, and contrast. By removing color, photographers can draw attention to the subjects and the raw emotions of the moment. This style evokes a classic, vintage feel and can add a dramatic or nostalgic touch to wedding photos.

The most dramatic moments aren't always the loudest or the most lavish, but the ones that touch the soul.

Black and White Wedding Photographers Napa Sonoma


  • Emphasis on Emotion: Without the distraction of color, emotions become the focal point, making moments feel more intimate and profound.
  • Enhanced Textures: The contrast in black and white photos brings out textures, from the intricate details of the wedding dress to the expressions on people's faces.
  • Timelessness: Black and white photos are timeless, ensuring the images won't feel dated as color trends change.
  • Dramatic Effect: The play of light and shadow becomes more pronounced, adding depth and drama to the images.


  • Versatility: From rustic to glamorous, black and white photography can complement any wedding theme.
  • Focus on Details: The style can highlight details often overlooked in color photographs.
  • Mood Enhancement: Black and white can evoke various moods, from romantic and dreamy to intense and dramatic.


  • Loss of Color Details: Some details, especially those dependent on color, might be lost or less emphasized.
  • Not Always Preferred: While some couples love the classic feel, others might prefer the vibrancy of color photos.

Black and White Wedding Photography Napa Sonoma

It is ideal for couples who appreciate monochromatic images' classic and timeless appeal. Those looking for a dramatic and emotional representation of their wedding day might also gravitate towards this style.

Black and white wedding photography offers a unique perspective, stripping away the colors to reveal the moment's essence. It's a style that resonates with those who value the timeless charm and emotional depth that monochromatic images can convey.

San Francisco Church Wedding St. Dominics

Aerial & Drone Wedding Photography

Aerial and drone wedding photography provides a bird's-eye view of the wedding, capturing expansive landscapes, venues, and unique angles that traditional photography can't achieve. With the rise of drone technology, this style has gained popularity, offering breathtaking and cinematic shots of the wedding day.

"We are not interested in the unusual, but in the usual seen unusually." - Beaumont Newhall

Aerial Wedding Photographers Napa Sonoma


  • Expansive Views: Drones can capture wide-angle shots of the entire venue, showcasing its grandeur and the surrounding landscape.
  • Unique Perspectives: Aerial shots offer angles that are impossible to achieve from the ground, such as overhead shots of the wedding ceremony or a bird's-eye view of the reception.
  • Cinematic Feel: The sweeping views and dynamic angles can give photos and videos a movie-like quality.


  • Memorable Shots: Aerial photography can produce some of the most memorable and talked-about shots from the wedding, such as an overhead view of the couple's first dance or the entire wedding party from above.
  • Venue Showcase: For couples who've chosen a particularly scenic or grand venue, drone shots can fully showcase its beauty.
  • Dynamic Videos: In addition to photos, drones can capture video footage, adding dynamic scenes to the wedding film.


  • Weather Dependency: Drones can't fly in all weather conditions, so rain or strong winds might affect the possibility of aerial shots.
  • Regulations and Permissions: Not all venues allow drones, and airspace rules and regulations are vital.
  • Noise: Drones can be noisy and disruptive during certain moments.

Aerial Wedding Photography Napa Sonoma

It is ideal for couples hosting their wedding in a scenic location or a grand venue that want to capture its full beauty. Also, those who value unique and cinematic shots that stand out in their wedding album.

Aerial & drone wedding photography offers a fresh and expansive perspective on the wedding day. It's perfect for couples looking to add a touch of cinematic grandeur to their wedding memories, capturing moments from angles that are truly unique but is only a small aspect of the day. This will most likely be incorporated into the videographer's expertise and services.

Elopements and Small Weddings

Elopements and small weddings prioritize intimacy and personal connection, often in unique or secluded locations. This style of wedding photography captures the raw emotions and candid moments of a couple's special day, emphasizing the love story over grandeur.

Elopement isn't running away from tradition; it's running towards a unique adventure hand in hand.

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  • Intimate Moments: This style captures genuine emotions and interactions between the couple, their families, and a handful of close friends.
  • Unique Locations: Elopements and small weddings often take place in unconventional or scenic locations, from mountaintops to secluded beaches, giving the photos a distinct backdrop.
  • Candid Shots: The emphasis is on capturing spontaneous moments rather than posed shots, resulting in genuine and heartfelt photos.
  • Personal Touch: With fewer guests, photographers can focus on capturing personal details and moments overlooked in larger weddings.
  • Adventurous Spirit: Many elopements involve adventurous elements, whether hiking to a remote location or saying vows at sunrise, and the photos reflect this spirit of adventure.


  • Authenticity: The photos capture the genuine emotions and moments of the day, resulting in a profoundly personal collection of images.
  • Flexibility: Without the constraints of a traditional wedding timeline, couples and photographers can choose the best times and locations for photos.
  • Distinctive Backdrops: The unique locations for elopements and small weddings provide stunning and diverse photo backdrops.


  • Limited Guests: By nature, elopements and small weddings have fewer guests, meaning some loved ones might not be in the photos.
  • Unpredictable Elements: Adventurous locations can come with challenges, from changing weather conditions to accessibility issues.

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It is ideal for couples who value intimacy and authenticity over tradition and want their wedding photos to reflect their personal journey and adventurous spirit.

Elopements and small weddings offer a fresh and intimate approach to wedding photography. They capture the essence of a couple's love story, set against the backdrop of their chosen adventure, resulting in photos as unique as the couple themselves.

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