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Wedding Photo at Jacuzzi Family Vineyards in Sonoma

One of my favorite locations in Sonoma at which to photograph weddings is Jacuzzi winery. Last July we photograph Cameron and Scott’s wedding. This wedding was unique because Cameron who is in the navy wore his navy uniform. He wore his navy uniform for the ceremony and later he changed into a suit for the reception. Cameron was very particular about his navy uniform. Everything had to be in its correct place according to navy tradition. Before the ceremony I photographed Cameron in the number of different locations. The image above was photographed in the hallway where I felt the light was just right. Before taking the picture, I envisioned the image as a black and white image. The image was taken with a Mark IV with a 85mm 1.2 lens. I used an ISO 1600 due to the low light. Taken in a very short amount of time, the image displays some posing errors. It’s not quite a profile and as such Cameron’s nose crosses his left cheek line. In addition although Cameron looks wonderful in his Navy uniform his posture could have been straighter and his shoulders could have been brought back farther. Regardless, I enjoy the image.

Location: 24724 Arnold Dive, Sonoma, California 95476.

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