Top Wedding Photographers Delta Diamond Farms
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Top Wedding Photographers Delta Diamond Farms

From the bride:

When we got engaged, we started discussing what kind of wedding we would like to have. The theme we came up with was "Elegantly rustic". We came across Delta Diamond Farm and instantly fell in love with it. The ceremony was in a beautiful courtyard and the reception was in front of a big green rustic barn. We knew it was the perfect place for us...and it fit our theme! It all went smoothly and we had a wonderful time—we couldn't have asked for a better wedding.

Well, this one time at band camp...Stephanie and Jon met 5 years ago at band camp for the USC Trojan marching band. Jon was a sophomore and Stephanie was just starting as a freshman, both in the alto sax section. It was clearly meant to be! On their first official date, Jon took Stephanie to Old Town Pasadena to show her some of his home town. After a perfect dinner, Jon's car slowly puttered to a stop as it ran out of gas in the middle of Colorado Boulevard (smooth one, Jon). Despite the bumpy ending, it is an evening the two of them will always fondly remember. Last New Year's, Steph and Jon went to Reno with her brother and sister-in-law, Eric and Lietze. While Steph was taking a nap one afternoon, Jon texted Eric that he wanted to talk to them about something he was planning for the next day. When Eric read it to Lietze (who was also napping), she knew what that meant and jumped straight out of bed. The next day, the four of them stopped in Tahoe for a day on the ski slopes. After a few runs, Jon suggested going to the top for some couples pictures. While posing for a picture (or so Steph thought), Jon turned to Steph, got down on one knee, popped the big question, and . . . the rest is history!

My advice is to not listen to anyone's advice! Do the things that YOU want to do, and don't worry about pleasing everyone else. It's YOUR day! Also, since both of you will be the center of attention, everyone's going to be hugging you, dancing with you, and taking lots of pictures with you all day. I recommend grabbing your groom some time during the reception, while everyone's having a good time, and taking a step back somewhere alone to just soak everything in and enjoy the moment. Jon: Step up and offer opinions and suggestions when they would be helpful. Even if your fiancée is doing the bulk of the planning, some help with decisions and ideas from your end can go a long way in making the process more enjoyable for both of you.

Venue: Delta Diamond Farms

Location: 15175 State HWY 160. Isleton, California 95641.

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