Natural light Sonoma Wedding Gloria Ferrer
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Natural light Sonoma Wedding Gloria Ferrer

Golden Hour Gloria Ferrer Wedding Photographer

There is nothing nicer than the warm sun of a late July wedding at one of Sonoma’s most beautiful wineries. Our couple, Kristen and Dorian came to us from Berkeley California. They chose Gloria Ferrer winery because of its picturesque setting on a lovely hilltop over looking some of Sonoma’s most popular wineries. 

Surrounded by valley views on three sides, Gloria Ferrer boast not only beautiful views, wonderful wine and food, but also a glorious cave in which dinner was served. It was after dinner and toasts that the couple agreed to head down into the vineyard for a few romantic images. With the sun back-lighting the couple we photographed a few moments between as the couple relaxed and reflected on the day and all that it meant. In the image above our couple is photographed walking towards us. 

The interaction between the couple is sweet and sincere, you can almost feel the love this couple feels for one another. Capturing this type of image is priceless, but not as easy as one might think. With the strong back-light coming toward the camera, a photographer has to know that their camera’s light meter will naturally under expose this image. Therefore, in this type of lighting situation it was important to remember to add possible as many as one or two stops exposure to our image. Doing so insures that the couple’s face will be properly exposed and that we can truly see our couple’s expressions. 

The warmth of the image happens most naturally during what is called the “golden hour”. This is the period of the day when the sun is low in the sky and produces a softer, warmer diffused light. I was so thankful that we were able to produce this type of image for our couple on their wedding day. It is something that we strive to do at every wedding for our couples. Timing at a wedding becomes so important in photographing this type of image as so many events need to be coordinated to allow a couple to have time to leave their reception during the golden hour. Luckily with a willing couple and a planner who has scheduled these events carefully most of our couples will not be disappointed. Kristen and Dorian’s wedding was truly a wonderful event. We were so fortunate to have witnessed and photographed such an event in such a beautiful location. We are lucky at Lily Rose Photography to be able to share and photograph magical moments like this weekly.

Location: 23555 Hwy 121. Sonoma, California 95476.

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