Kenwood Top Wedding Photographer Bride and Groom
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Kenwood Top Wedding Photographer Bride and Groom

From the bride:

We wanted something rustic and simple and sweet. Because we were getting married in the fall we tried to incorporate brighter colors of the season and tried to stay away from traditional fall colors (trying to avoid browns, yellows and darker oranges). We didn't want the stereotypical "fall" wedding scheme and with all of the foliage/landscape at the venue, we didn't want to take away from the natural beauty around us.

We didn't really know how to answer this one! Ha ha! We decided its out sense of humor. We laugh, ALL THE TIME. If one of us doesn't say it, the other is thinking it and its honestly comes down to one look and the other knows and it usually results in giggles and tears. We laugh at everything...including each other. We just like to have fun and I think that shows. We have always been friends first and everything else is just a bonus.

We actually met at a bar! (There's more to it than that!!) We were both out with mutual work friends (girls upstairs playing pool, the boys downstairs drinking brews), when the boys moved the party to a secondary location (The Sweet Spot in downtown Santa Rosa). When the girls finished our game of pool we walked over to meet the boys and there he was. We officially met, shook hands, made eye contact and were inseparable. We laughed, we danced, and the laughing continues to this day. A few years in, we expanded our family with the addition of our dog Bailey and a few years after that, we decided to make our family official and get married. We have been together now for 8-1/2 years.

To other brides I would say take everything in stride and stay calm. Things are bound to come up and the unexpected will inevitably happen (and it will probably be the one thing you didn't see coming). Stay calm, keep a clear head and roll with it. I would also add that if you are not very photogenic or you hate having your picture taken, tell the photographer that staged shots are more your thing. The candid pics (especially when you can't control what your face does) may not be what you expect out of your wedding day and I would definitely speak up if it's not something you are comfortable with. Zach's advise for the groom would be to make sure you have people around you to keep you calm, to talk to you, distract you if you feel nervous. Even if you think you won't get nervous, you WILL get nervous. We didn't have a wedding party and our families are small, right before the ceremony began the groom felt a little isolated and became very nervous. A few guests picked up on this and tried to distract him but his nerves got the best of him (which is a bizarre freaky Friday moment, we for sure thought Amanda would be the mess and Zach would be calm & collected).

Venue: Kenwood Ranch of Sonoma

Location: 9250 A Sonoma Hwy, Kenwood, California 95452.

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