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Wedding Photography Calistoga Ranch

Calistoga Ranch

The Calistoga Ranch is one of the premier spots at which to have a wedding in Napa Valley. Many engaged couples often look at this ranch because of its beautiful architecture. The architects utilized the nature around them when they were designing the main buildings. They did this so the exposed wood in the architecture would blend with the natural surrounding. The ranch was built in 2004 in hopes of being able to give all future couples a luxurious spot at which to married.

Wedding Photography Calistoga Ranch

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The ranch took over two years to become fully operational but when it opened people were coming all over the United States to get married at this location. The location is what drives so many couples to visit and choose this site for their wedding. It’s 157-acre ranch located in the upper Napa Valley area, surrounded by tall and beautiful mountains as far as the eye could see. However it's what is between the mountains that make this ranch special. Once you drive down the amazing winding roads that Napa Valley offers you will never want to turn back, especially after you experience how spectacular the view is. In the private canyon there are so many bright and colorful flowers, flowing rivers, lakes and so much more.

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At Calistoga Ranch there are many things to do. Calistoga Ranch offers activities such as wine tours, golf, jogging and bike tours, hiking down a very scenic path, and even learning how to mount and ride a horse. If you aren't into all of the physical activities, you can enjoy a nice hot air balloon ride that will take you to see the beautiful land of Napa Valley, or you can visit one of the very high end shops that are near the ranch. The ranch also offers a full spa treatment where one can go if they just need a moment away from the kids or to get pampered before their big day. The spa located at the ranch has many different treatments for healing and rejuvenation. You even have the option to be treated inside the ranch or to be treated outside the ranch on the patios. Most people choose to go outside so they can experience all of the lovely sounds and scents that the wilderness has to offer.

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The Calistoga Ranch offers a wonderful dining experience at the lovely lake house located on their private lake. Just like the spa treatments you have the option to eat inside or take a step out into nature to experience the wonderful Napa Valley landscape. When the sun sets down behind the mountains even more beauty appears. After the sun sets the stars come out and light up the whole lake. The twinkle of the stars over the mountains is a sight that everyone deserves to see at least once in their life. The Calistoga Ranch is one of the best spots to visit if you want to enjoy a beautiful day in Napa Valley or you wish to choose it as your wedding venue. Calistoga Ranch 580 Lommel Road, Calistoga, CA

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Location: 580 Lommel Road, Calistoga, California 94515.

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