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Wedding Photographer for Tahoe Maritime Museum

Great wedding photography often includes the photography of important details from each wedding. Almost as interesting as these details is the history of those companies which are responsible for producing the items which we value so much on our special day.

Modital Bijoux is a brand of Italian designer fashion jewelry that is sold exclusively at specialty stores or boutiques. Modital Bijoux has been around since 1980, when it was created as a business corporation in New York. They are an American based corporation, but they specialize in imported jewelry and accessories from Italy. The original location of Modital Bijoux was a wholesale jeweler outlet located in New York City on 136 East 57th Street. All Modital Bijoux jewelry is made in Rome, Italy where they use sterling silver, brass, 18 kt gold, and high density crystals that are used for the glitter.  
Modital Bijoux even offers watches, which are produced by Lanciani; a Rome producer of traveler jewelry. Modital Bijoux and Lanciani cooperate produce some of the highest quality jewelry that is derived specifically from Rome. Their prices are reasonable, allowing people of different social classes to purchase this Italian jewelry. Base prices can range anywhere from sixty dollars to four hundred dollars. They also sell online which makes Modital Bijoux a very accessible brand of jewelry for everyone.
Care and maintenance of Modital Bijoux jewelry is very important, and there are special steps to follow to keep the jewelry in ideal condition. Jewelry should not be worn in the shower. The jewelry needs to be kept away from hot water, cleaners, or solvents. Jewelry should be put on after you apply cosmetics, make-up, hair spray, or perfume as jewelry is sensitive to things like hair spray and other product. Jewelry should be removed before cooking, cleaning, or partaking in athletic activities. Keep common kitchen items such as lard, oil, and butter away from Modital Bijoux jewelry. Use a jewelry cleaner when you need to clean the jewelry, and use a soft, damp cloth to polish it. Be sure to dry jewelry thoroughly. Care should be taken with your jewelry and prevent it from making contact with hard surfaces to prevent unwanted scratches and dents. Also have a safe place to store your jewelry when you are not wearing it, so it doesn’t get scratches or marks.
The company who helps to produce Modital Bijoux wristwatches, Lanciani is a well known company on its own. Similar to Modital Bijoux, Lanciani has opened one retail store in New York City, but has still managed to find success. They released their first collection of travel jewelry in 1987 and it attracted customers immediately. Also similar to Modital Bijoux, it is affordable for the average consumer but is still high quality and looks good.This type of jewelry appealed to women who traveled often, commonly for business, and don’t want to worry about travelling with their most precious jewelry, but still want to look at her best.

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