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When Two Doctors Get Married

Photographing as the Second

As I sit here writing, Larry is off photographing a wedding with another photographer, … as their second. My event today canceled last minute, so I am the one sitting at home reflecting on why we choose to photograph with other photographers.

We second shoot because we absolutely love photographing weddings…(that being said, and with the word ‘shoot’ having negative connotations, I’ll refer to it as ‘photographing as a second’ from here on out). We learn something every time we photograph with someone new. Sometimes we discover the most amazing thing, and cannot fathom how we went YEARS without knowing, … thank you @simone_anne, the digital clock trick is INVALUABLE and has saved us countless hours. And, sometimes its how NOT to do things, … lesson learned, nonetheless. EVERY wedding, … EVERY photographer has tips and tricks that can get incorporated (or not) into how we approach a wedding day.

We are not photographing as seconds because we need to build our portfolio; at the time of writing this I have photographed 568 weddings. We are not there to insert ourselves into the relationships other photographers have built with vendors and venues through years of hard work, and sometimes lots (and lots) of marketing dollars. We are not there because we need the money, although, the extra cash is usually very nice. We are simply there to help, we want to raise the bar in photography, teach those newly starting, ease the stress of photographers in need of an experienced person behind the camera.

I know first hand the stress felt when a second photographer cancels last minute, or the absolute terror when they cancel on an extremely popular date; 10/10/10 for example, and most recently 8/18/18

It is not a negative to be a second photographer; we are not staff or assistants, not someone to be looked down upon. The second is not, and should not be just a warm body holding a camera because your main second couldn’t make it. We treat the day as we would for our own clients, preparing, prepping, and choosing the appropriate gear, equipment and digital media. We are willing to do whatever is needed to make the client’s wedding day go as smoothly as possible.

We photograph as seconds because ultimately it makes us better photographers.

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