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Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes

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Jimmy Choo shoes are a popular brand among future brides. Many future brides flock to this brand because of their reputation among famous actors and public figures such as: actress Halle Berry and Princess Diana. The company only uses the very best high-end materials. The reason why Jimmy Choo shoes are produced this way is because they have to be able to make it through any event such as the long walk down the red carpet or the long anticipated walk down the aisle to meet your soon to be husband. No matter the occasion is Jimmy Choo wedding shoes are perfect for anyone who craving style. 

Jimmy Choo wedding shoes was first created in 1996. The founder Jimmy Choo, a Malaysian born cobbler, envisioned his the brand catering to the elite. The Choo family has been cobblers for many years Jimmy Choo’s father was the artist who taught the world famous Jimmy Choo. Jimmy made his first pair of shoes at the age of eleven. He told Vogue Magazine "When I first started, my father wouldn't let me make a shoe. Instead, he said: Sit and watch, sit and watch." For months and months, I did that." After learning the dying trade of handcrafting shoes he moved to England to a technical college where he graduated with honors and was in the top of his class. After graduating he opened his first shop in 1986 in Hackney England. 

It took him a few years to build his reputation. But just like any task with hard word and dedication he was able to achieve an eight-page slot in Vogue Magazine. After this spread went out to the world his name became even bigger. At this time, he was the only one who he could trust to make his shoes. He was only able to make twenty pairs of his shoes a week, which contributed to the demand for his man, made shoes, which was skyrocketing. 

With such a high demand he had to start training other cobblers. He took his time with teaching the other cobblers because his name and reputation was on the line. After many hours of practice and many failed shoes later he had a team of well-rounded cobblers who had a love and passion for handcrafted shoes. This is just what Choo wanted because his whole life and business was built around the craft. After he achieved what he wanted in his business he went on to teaching as the ambassador of footwear education at the London College of fashion. The name Jimmy Choo is a very well known name in the shoe industry because only the best cobblers in the world produce only hand-crafted shoes.

As wedding photographers in Sonoma, we absolutely love to see the Jimmy Choo box to photograph along with all the details of the wedding!

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