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Kenwood Ranch of Sonoma Wedding

Kenwood Farm and Gardens, located on 9250 Sonoma Hwy, Kenwood, CA 95452,just down the road from Sonoma California proved to be a glorious location for Jenn and Jessup’s wedding on a Saturday in September. Our wedding our couple arrived at the venue around 3 o'clock in the afternoon to a beautiful setting. Kenwood Farm and Gardens is just how its name implies, a farm and gardens filled with flowers, and plenty of rustic charm.A husband and wife team, John and Lorraine have created the perfect setting for any small rustic or country wedding.

As photographers we began the day by photographing details such as the brides jewelry, the wedding rings and of course the bridal dress. As the day progressed Debbie began photographing the bridal party as I went and worked with Jessup the groom and his groomsmen. I found the groomsmen easy to work with and pictures went smoothly hardly taking any time. Guess began arriving around 4 o'clock and the ceremony was about to begin. The ceremony was short but sweet and we were lucky to have such a beautiful day. The ceremony site is located in a large opening which is large enough to easily accommodate one hundred to two hundred guests. The wedding site stays cool with large trees that provide plenty of shade to the entire area. Not only does all of this shade keep guests cool, but all of the many shaded areas are perfect for photographs. Debbie and I chose to do family groups near are large rustic red barn in a large gravel area. Family groups went quickly and we were had plenty of time to do the couple’s romantic pictures in Kenwood’s fields and surrounding barns.

Dinner was served shortly after we finish photographing the romantic pictures. John the owner worked as the caterer on this Saturday and prepared wonderful barbecue chicken and tri-tip. The rest of our wedding continued with the toast and the first dance. We finished our evening photographing with sunset pictures and we were able to capture many marvelous images of our couple walking across one of the fields located adjacent to Kenwood Farm and Gardens, Lily Rose Photography looks forward to working again with Lorraine and John at their stunning rustic farm and gardens.

From the bride:

My wedding was inspired by a vintage bird theme. It had a flare of glam mixed with rustic charm. I chose a lot of lace and shabby chic accents. My colors were a vintage white, blush, and grey.

When Jessup and I first met we both felt instant attraction which had never happened to either of us. Everything was just easy and seemed to make sense. We have now been together for 9 years Because we were together so long it was easy to make decisions for the wedding and in life. We have our similarities in personality and hobbies but we do appreciate each others differences. Our contrasting personalities end up complimenting each other in our life journey. We are the yin and the yang.

Jessup and I met in 2006. Jessup's friend, and groomsman, Dario was dating one of my friends at the time. Dario, Lauren, and I were living in Irvine, CA at the time but we were all originally from Santa Rosa. We dated all summer and then began a long distance relationship shortly after and the rest is history. We knew for quite some time we would get married but it was just finding the right time, due to different jobs, long distance, and going back to school. The right time to get engaged was a trip to Italy in 2014. Let's just say it was worth the wait!

I would recommend to brides, or whoever is doing the planning, just stay calm and try not to overthink your decisions while planning. Simplicity will go a long way. Jessup recommends to grooms to just relax and enjoy the day because it really will go by too quickly. Also, we did the first look, originally I did not want to, but it helped both of us relax a little before the ceremony and it was more intimate to see each other alone before the ceremony.

Venue: Kenwood Ranch of Sonoma

Location: 9250 A Sonoma Hwy, Kenwood, California 95452.

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