Photograph Bride and  Meritage Resort and Spa in Napa
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Photograph Bride and Meritage Resort and Spa in Napa

From the bride:

Simply traditional with a touch of elegance. There was no specific type of theme such as vintage, modern, etc. it's just about our story, 'the 2nd time around'. The venue set the tone and atmosphere on it's own. Colors were fuchsia, plum, & white/ivory.

We are opposites, truth of the saying they do attract. Blending our cultures and families make us unique in itself. Being the 2nd time around, we have the opportunity to reconnect of love that clearly was never lost, going into this being older & wiser.

We met 17 years ago, coming into each other's lives with toddlers. Then we found out our families knew one another through earlier generations was a plus. We were engaged after 4 months and married the following year in 1999. We had a son in 2000, but unfortunately separated/divorced after 8 years. However after 8 years of continued up/down friendship and a co-parent relationship, we reconnected in 2014, engaged after a week and we got married less than a year later in 2015.

We are in the mist of getting a new home. We would love more children, but looks like we will look forward to Grandchildren one day. We are truly just enjoying having our entire family back together, although our children are older we still manage to go on family vacations, Sunday dinners and continue to make family memories as though there was never a 8 year break. We see in the future just growing, exploring, and living in the moments, now. We were given this 2nd time around together and it's been better than we ever could have imagined. It feels like the happiest we have ever been and who would've thought being divorced brought us back to a much better place in life together than when we first got married.

There was one special touch that was more personal to the bride. I had a special charm attached on my bouquet to have my Dad in spirit walk me down the aisle, he passed away in 2013. However, 2 of my son's walked me down the aisle. We decided to do traditional and read our own vows which in turn learned something about one another, the true feelings we felt. It was truly a special moment. We had a '2nd' dance that included 2 of our sons, that was special. Also, had a small memorial acknowledging groom's grandfather's and bride's Dad.

I would have to say to be realistic with your budget and expectations. It's easy to say you have a budget and then in the mist of planning you start agreeing to add this or pay more for that. Stick to the budget, you will be so glad you did and not having to then stress about paying off the debt during your first years of marriage over one day. Try not to let too many people question your decisions or let negativity expressed take you away of what you & your fiancé vision is for YOUR wedding. Someone will always have something to say about your wedding, don't take it person and again it's about YOU TWO. Don't loose sight of the bigger picture, which is you and your fiancé new life together. It's more than just the wedding day, it's a life you are going to share as husband and wife. Lastly it's so important to communicate through the process, with the stress and so much to plan it can start to pull you apart. Always, always fit in time for dates and use that time "not" to talk about the wedding planning and just be together. It will bring you back to reality so to speak. :)

Venue: Meritage Resort and Spa, Napa California

Location: 875 Bordeaux Way, Napa, California 94558.

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