First Look Best Wedding Photographer in Sonoma
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First Look Best Wedding Photographer in Sonoma

First Look 

So what exactly is a first look? The “First Look” is an amazing moment on a wedding day. The first look is a moment set up for the bride and groom to see each other, and take pictures together prior to the ceremony. Regardless of whether the couple sees each other before the ceremony, or for the first time while walking down the aisle, the moment is very special and can be quite emotional. We do not insist one way or the other regarding a first look; however, if asked for our opinion, we would suggest having a first look.

This may not be traditional, but first look photos are becoming quite popular. Once the soon-to-be married couple has a few moments to themselves, we can take pictures with family, the entire wedding party, as well as, pictures of the couple. Getting these pictures out of the way allows for the couple to relax and attend cocktail hour with friends and family directly after the ceremony. In reality the first look alleviates some of the stress and the couple actually ends up with more romantic images. These are seriously some of the most intimate and real images of the entire wedding day.

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